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Kanna, scientifically known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a succulent from South Africa.  Known for centuries by traditional tribes people for its mood boosting properties. Concidered a sacred plant by Natives, Kann, for generations, were used in rites of passage and healing rituals.
Scientific research have found that Kanna’s mood lifting benefits could be attributed to a group of alkaloids found in the plant that can help the brain to maintain its natural levels of Seretonin.  Seretonin is the chemical produced by nerve cells to regulate moods.

According to researchers, other uses for Kanna include decreasing anxiety, stress and tension, historically, it has been used as an appetite suppressant by the Koi People of South Africa.  Kanna is not a hallucinogenic.

Kanna is part of our Nootropics range. Nootropics, also called smart or cognitive enhancer, are said to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory recall, creativity, or motivation.


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ATTENTION: For Research Use Only Not For Human Consumption
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