The team at Nootropics Unlimited is constantly striving to be ahead of the field. To ensure we maintain the highest standards expected of us, we are constantly evolving to bring you a better version of NU. We believe that in order to improve, change is required. We have done several updates to our site to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for our loyal customers. What can you expect?

  • New, user-friendly designs.
  • Updated categories for compounds, allowing you to narrow your search more effectively.
  • New liquid bottles. The size of our liquid bottles will change from 35ml to 30ml.
  • Bottles will include new liquid droppers with graduated markings allowing customers to more accurately dispense liquid.
  • Newly added spray products.
  • New CBD and THC infused products.

We look forward to raising our level of performance and overall customer service to meet your expectations. We thank you for continually supporting NU as we do what is necessary to make our vision a reality.